Windows Mobile 7 coming to MWC in February, not just 'evolutionary'

We'd heard some rumblings, but apparently Robbie Bach let the cat out of the bag at an analyst briefing this week, stating that we should expect a showing of Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Congress show in Spain, which begins on February 15th. He also added that the OS (which he's played with, surprisingly) will "set the bar forward not in (just) an evolutionary way," and that Microsoft is going to be "more engaged" with OEMs in its "go to market approach." We love a good buzzword or three, but the hope here is that Microsoft has learned its lesson from iPhone and Android and is ready to compete in the next-gen smartphone game in a big way -- a WinMo 7 showing just four months after the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 certainly smacks of that.

[Thanks, Matthias]