Google launches Google Energy, hoping to bring more green energy to its datacenters

Of all the truly monumental advancements to human civilization that Google has provided for this great world, like enabling cached offline access to Gmail in Android devices, the company has done some nasty stuff too. Its worst offense (that we know about) is surely the massive drain on the nation's energy resources its data centers pull, but it's working to put things right, most recently with last month's formation of Google Energy, a spin-off that, Google hopes, will allow the company to more actively participate in national energy markets, purchasing more from renewables and thus funding greater innovation in that space. Sounds nice, but we think it's just a cover; the Googs will surely be releasing a contract-free personal power generator called the Deckard One in roughly 18 months, undermining the entrenched utility companies and freeing us all from costly early disconnection fees. Whether or not those generators will support multitouch, however, remains to be seen.

[Thanks, Amanda; image courtesy of How To Draw]