Razer hits the Xbox 360 with Onza controller and Chimaera headset, we go hands-on (video)

Razer's come from nowhere over the past few years to establish itself as a serious player in the PC gaming peripheral market. Now it's hitting the consoles, starting with the Xbox 360, and the first iteration of offerings are already looking solid. They were announced yesterday and we got some time with both, starting with the Onza contoller, described in detail in the video after the break. Each stick's resistance can be individually tweaked, there are additional shoulder buttons that can be assigned to replicate any other button on the controller (no more stick-clicking), and what's pledged to be a d-pad that's far superior to the generally junk one on the stock controller. Unfortunately they were still working on perfecting that, but everything else feels great already. The other thing on display is the Chimaera wireless headset, which uses a base-station to connect to the Xbox 360 (or other audio device) which doubles as a recharging station. Turn it on and it'll intercept the audio, silencing your entertainment center, and with a built-in microphone you won't have to stop the trash-talk. The Onza is set to cost $50 when it ships sometime by Q3, and the Chimaera for about $130 in the same period. We can't wait.