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Rogers to offer HTC Dream owners 'limited time opportunity' to upgrade to Magic

A couple days ago we covered news that Rogers and HTC were going to upgrade the HTC Dream and Magic starting with an enhanced version of 1.5 in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for Dream owners, the upgrade path for that device ends at 1.5, -- as it simply doesn't have enough memory to run 2.1 -- where the Magic will carry on to 2.1 and -- potentially -- beyond. We've now heard that Rogers is looking to offer HTC Dream owners an upgrade path to the HTC Magic, and while the details are unclear as to the when and the how, it seems the price for the hardware shift will be $free. So, now the issue will be if an OS upgrade is really enough to push you off a keyboard and onto a touchscreen, so, do fill us in on what you plan to do. Hopefully this all pans out as it seems it's going to, and if it does, all we can say is: well done Rogers, golf claps all around.