RunCore's 100GB Pro V solid state drive gets benchmarked, loved

RunCore's had a thing for delivering high-speed, enthusiast-level SSDs, and if you managed to pass right over the Pro IV, you may find the urge linked to the Pro V a bit too much to resist. TweakTown was able to spend some quality time with the device, which includes a SandForce 1500 controller and low(er)-cost MLC flash. Without getting into the dirty-dirty (trust us, you'll find plenty of charts in the source below), we'll pass along the following note: "we feel comfortable saying that the Pro V will be the enthusiast SSD to which all others will be compared to for the first half of 2010." Of course, with the speed worries behind us, the only question remaining is cost -- which always seems to best the case with SSDs. We're told that it'll cost more than the Barefoot-powered Pro IV, but with competition in the market heating up, hopefully the MSRP won't sting too badly.