Ultra-detailed Samsung i8910 HD grievance rewarded with company meeting

Often, raising hell with a company that has wronged you brings little more than strife, animosity, and a brick wall -- but every once in a while, something magical happens. Such is the case with our tale of the i8910 HD owner who decided to list out in excruciating detail everything that was wrong with his expensive purchase and how it might be fixed -- the dude ended up scoring a four-hour meeting with a company representative where his lengthy requests were met with a mixture of "we can't do that," "thanks for the suggestion," and "we'll look into it." At the end of the day, Sammy's conclusion is that the i8910 HD just never drove enough sales volume to justify a vibrant user / developer community and continued support from the company for new features -- probably not the answer the guy wanted to hear, but at least they owned up to it. The story ends on a happy note, though: his personal i8910 having given up the ghost, the author of the report scored a test unit for checking out an upcoming firmware. All's well that ends well, we suppose.