Vuzix Wrap 920AR face-on: reality just got weird

CES 2010 is awash in a sea of ridiculous 3D glasses, but that's nothing compared to the insanity of the Vuzix 920AR, an $800 set of augmented reality specs with cameras built into the lenses. Sadly, the 1504 x 480 display just isn't very impressive: we certainly saw a stereo 3D image, but it was grainy, dark, and generally unusable for anything apart from the augmented reality maze game on demo. Walking down the street with these things on your face would be incredibly dangerous, as far as we can tell. That said, the maze game did work seamlessly -- you hold a pre-printed cardboard sheet in front of you, and in the glasses you see a 3D maze with a ball and puzzle elements that respond to "gravity." That's it, though -- there's no other software involved here, and unless you're deep into developing augmented reality applications or extremely interested in looking like a killer robot from the planet Nerdotron, your $800 is better spent elsewhere. Check a Joanna Stern Video Event after the break.