Jelfin ball-shaped mouse hand-on

Some wanted to call the Jelfin ball-shaped mouse a crapgadget, but that was until they wrapped their hands around the spherical mouse. We aren't saying the Jelfin is the best mouse in the world or that it makes you forget about your mouse-woes -- that's if you've even ever had them -- but the gel covered ball is comfortable. At first it was a bit odd to navigate our MacBook Pro 13's desktop with a ball in hand, but we got the hang of it. But while we like the feel of the buttons, which are differentiated with raised gel lines, they don't have enough give and we had to press too hard to double click. We also aren't thrilled that its got a long white USB cord, either. Chances are you'll be better suited by a Logitech for real productivity, but we did enjoy using a ball as a mouse more than we ever could have imagined.