Sideline Cinq USB companion monitor hands-on

We don't normally get adrenalized with LCD monitors, but when they get a dash of that DisplayLink magic then it's another story. Enter the Sideline Cinq -- a 10.1-inch, 1024 x 600 vibrant LCD (with SD card reader) that needs just one USB cable for both data and power, plus it's kosher with both Windows and Mac. Sure, the Cinq looks bulky, but at 15.6 ounces you'd likely need some serious lottery luck for it to cause any damage. There's also a stand to avoid the attachment's sticky tape mess on your machine -- you can go landscape or portrait. The only grumble we have is that it needs a non-glossy option. $249 and the Cinq's yours in Q3, or $199 if you pre-order from Sideline's site. Now, how about three of these for some hardcore flight-sim sessions?