Hands-on with Panasonic's tru2way set-back box

Panasonic tru2way set-back box

We searched high and low on the show floor for signs of tru2way and in the back of the Panasonic booth we found the new set-back box we told you about. The box uses the VESA mounting holes so it might make it tough to use with some wall mounts. It wasn't a working demo so we didn't get to see how well the integration was with the TV, but the representative from the company seemed to believe that the box would be designed to only work with Panasonic TVs -- we assume it verifies via HDMI-CEC what type of TV it is connected to. With most cable companies still not ready for retail tru2way devices, and almost no manufactures showing tru2way HDTVs at CES, it seems that 2010 will not be the year for adoption, which leaves next year and by then so much can change who knows if anyone will still care.