T-Mobile gives reps troubleshooting tips for Nexus One's 3G issues

T-Mobile's already starting to acknowledge that the Nexus One might have a love-hate relationship with its 3G spectrum, but we've been able to track down some internal documentation on exactly how the carrier's going about resolving this. Naturally, they're recommending affected customers reset the phone -- an old standby that actually works a troublingly high percentage of the time -- and hitting them up with some knowledge about the behavior of the device in different situations (you don't see the 3G icon when you're on WiFi, for instance, nor if you're not in a 3G area). As far as T-Mob knows, exchanging the handset doesn't help so they're not currently recommending it, but they are asking folks with other 3G devices to see if they can pick up a signal in the same area -- something we'd already seen from the carrier's support forum post. We're hopeful this all gets tied off nicely with a firmware update on the double, because let's be honest: a device with a huge touchscreen becomes a lot less interesting when high-speed data goes away.