Toshiba demonstrates 64GB SDXC, pledges spring release

We've known since August that Toshiba was working to rule the roost when it came to voluminous and speedy SDXC storage, and at CES it took the time to beat its chest again, indicating that its new 64GB SDXC cards have started shipping in samples, putting them on a crash-course with card slots sometime this spring. The 64GB cards offer 60MB/s reads and 35MB/s writes, which should be enough to keep up with the Jonses, and the company's upcoming 32 and 16GB SDHC should be dropping about the same time. Toshiba is claiming this is the world's first 64GB model, but we're only interested in retail releases, and Panasonic and its February-bound offering might have something to say about who gets there first. The race is on.