Amtrak adding free WiFi to some trains, still no charge for delayed arrivals

There are a variety of reasons to not take Amtrak: expensive tickets, frequent delays, worn-down interiors, and even more delays. But, for gadget hounds, trains can make a compelling option thanks to the lack of cellphone bans, power outlets at nearly every seat, and fewer cavity checks than airline travel. Now, a very few of those lines are getting even more appealing with Amtrak announcing that Acela lines between Boston, New York, and Washington will be receiving WiFi upgrades in March. That the service will be free is great news -- that the word "initially" is inserted before the word "free" isn't so very great. What about those commuters who take the company's slower, regional routes around the East Coast? WiFi is said to be coming there too, eventually, and might even make its way to the west some day -- but, let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is Amtrak we're talking about here.