Japan gets Torne PS3 DTV DVR adapter in May, all is right with the world

When the PS3 was announced so many moons ago, one of the major functions that was touted about the thing would be its ability to record and process high-definition video. It's taken quite some time to get there, with the oft-delayed PlayTV tuner finally hitting Europe in late 2008, though the rest of the world still got left out in the cold. Sony's finally taking care of its home crew, announcing Torne, a DTV adapter for Japan that will enable recording of television and even video playback while surfing the web. The Torne will ship in March, priced ¥9980 ($110) on its own or ¥42,800 ($465) as part of yet another PS3 bundle. When will we in the US get a little tuner love? Probably never, at this rate.