Kodak files patent lawsuits against Apple and RIM

Apparently Kodak's attorneys were having a little courtroom separation anxiety -- just a week after settling that long-running patent case with Samsung, they've filed three separate actions against Apple and RIM. Two of the cases are based on the same patent at issue in the Samsung litigation: the first is an International Trade Commission complaint alleging that iPhones and BlackBerrys infringe the Kodak patent on previewing images, while the other is filed solely against Apple in the Western District of New York and also includes a patent on processing images at different resolutions. Apple's also the sole focus of the third case, which alleges infringement of several patents on computer programs calling to other programs -- sounds obvious, but Kodak's already enforced them against Sun in a 2004 case. Kodak says all it's after is fair license terms, and that it's not trying to push anything off the market -- the man with the gun always sounds so reasonable, doesn't he?