LPD display tech from Prysm uses lasers, phosphors, groovy Flash intros

Well, it's Thursday. You know what that means: it's time for another new revolutionary display technology that will offer better image quality at lower costs and with reduced energy consumption. Today's breakthrough is LPD, or Laser Phosphor Displays. They rely on a screen covered in phosphors, much like a traditional CRT, but instead of a scanning beam of electrons those pixels are excited by a series of lasers. It seems rather similar to SED and FED tech, but with lasers rather than cathodes, thus making it roughly 23 times more awesome. The display tech is said to be able to created in any shape or size, and with its long lifespan and low power consumption is being targeted toward large-scale installations for advertising and the like. Don't believe the hype? Turn up those speakers, click on that read link, and prepare to be awed by the breathless potential of... Prysm.