Motorola pauses split to mull options

Amazing what a little success will do to a company, isn't it? The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Motorola has put the brakes on its search for a buyer for its Home and Networks Mobility division that's responsible for the company's set-top boxes and network infrastructure equipment. It's easy to see why this might be a good time for Moto to pause and take stock of its situation -- while no one's even close to calling the Mobile Devices division's turnaround complete, the focus on Android appears to have injected fresh interest (and commercial success) in a lineup plagued with countless duds just a year ago. Apparently the company is also discouraged by the fact that suitors have lowballed Motorola's expected sale price by a billion or two, but make no mistake, the split isn't off altogether -- the executive board is expected to convene in the next few days to figure this all out before the next round of bidding is due in February. Stay tuned -- by the end of the year, we could realistically be looking at one, two, or even three Motos depending on how this goes down.