Toshiba updates VARDIA line of DVRs with Blu-ray, VHS... wait, what?

Toshiba's showing it has moved on from the horrors of the format war, today announcing Three Non-HD DVD Recorders and a few other Japan only Blu-ray products. The top of the line D-BW1005K DVR connects with the future via a 1TB HDD, several tuners and the aforementioned disc burning capability but also gives a nod to the past and our old copies of Days of Thunder, A History of Violence and The Young Teacher thanks to its included VHS deck. Ditching the tape player, 1TB HDD or recording capability saves a few yen, while all-in-one fans can opt for the R1BDP series of REGZA LCDs, an offshoot of the R9000 line in 32- and 26-inch sizes with Blu-ray burning drives tucked in behind just like Sharp & Mitsubishi's HDTVs. All are due over the next few months, check Impress for the prices and dates, but we'd wait to see what kind of Blu-ray upgrade is heading the Cell TV's way before buying, even with the potential return of sweet, sweet VHS to our lives (it's amazing how a few years of nostalgia has made us forget all those worn out rentals, poor quality and the need for something called a "rewinder.")