Sony's COO says no new OLED TVs in 2010, BRAVIA Internet Video Link is coming to PS3

Want to blast some BRAVIA Internet Video Link content from your PS3 to your million-inch Sony-built 3D OLED TV this year? Well, you're half in luck. Sony's bringing the Internet Video Link service to the PS3 (which seems to us to provide little that isn't already possible on the PS3, but who are we to judge?) but won't do any new OLED TVs this year. The problem is, naturally, cost, but hopefully 2011 will bring better things in sizes larger than 11-inches -- LG won't have a 30-incher until 2012 at least, and that seems too long to wait. Sony COO Stan Glasgow, in his interview with Sony Insider that turned up these nuggets, also is refreshingly non-bombastic about 3D. He points out that Sony's doing 3D-capable TVs for essentially zero price differentiation, with separate glasses and emitters that can be bought after the fact, and calls the 3D channel rollout "complex." But who knows, perhaps he's just never seen enough of Taylor Swift in 3D to know what he's missing?