Rockstar seemingly responds to 'Eye of Sauron' comment with rad, rude wallpaper

In a surprisingly lighthearted move, Rockstar appears to have responded to recent accusations of overwork (among many other things) with a series of wallpaper designs on its official site. The designs are presumably a comment based on statements made to the MTV Multiplayer Blog from a former Rockstar New York employee who compared the company management's wandering focus to that of the vengeful "Eye of Sauron" -- the fictional all-seeing evil in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

The trio of wallpaper designs -- which are not-so-subtly titled, "The Eye" -- may very well mark the first time that Rockstar has responded to claims of mismanagement and overworking its employees. While the wallpaper is certainly stylish enough for our computer backdrop, we can't help but think poking fun at reports that the company has treated its workers like robots is a little classless. Also, we have to wonder how many overtime hours were used to create these totally radical designs.