Amazon MP3 swings open doors to UK in Android 2.1

Direct access to Amazon's MP3 store from Android is old hat for American customers -- it's been preloaded on the time-weathered G1 since day one -- but it's still a foreign concept for users in a host of other countries, notably the UK where they've been enjoying Google's platform for nearly as long as the Yankees have. That looks poised to change, though, with the introduction of Android 2.1 now that Brits running Nexus Ones have played around with their handsets long enough to discover that the Amazon MP3 app is preloaded and quoting prices in -- yes, you guessed it -- pounds sterling. There's yet to be official word from Amazon on the matter so it's unclear whether pre-2.1 phones will ultimately be able to get in on the action -- but in the meantime, anyone desperate for access had better cobble up the quid for a Nexus import.