Select Nexus One users complaining of touchscreen calibration, 3G connectivity issues

As totally awesome and exciting as the Nexus One might be, with any new device there are bound to be some growing pains -- f'rinstance, you might have heard about issues with the phone's 3G connectivity. Well, Google has too (hell, our buddy Erick Tseng even addressed it on The Engadget Show yesterday) and while the cause is less than clear, the company assures us it's working feverishly to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, that isn't the only problem newly minted Nexus One owners are noticing. According to a lively discussion on Google's Android forum, some folks are experiencing extreme touchscreen calibration issues after cold booting the phone -- problems that resolve themselves (temporarily) after putting the thing to sleep and then turning it back on. That said, the good folks at Google assure us they're on the case. If it turns out that it's a hardware problem, it'll be covered under your warranty. Software? They'll issue a patch for it. If your phone's having problems and you feel like joining the conversation, hit that source link.