Verizon unveils new FiOS bundles with symmetrical 35Mbps pipes, heftier ETFs

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As expected, Verizon is rolling out a new line of FiOS bundles for this perennially broadband-starved nation, and bumping up its early termination fees in the process. The traditional ETF for the installation-heavy service has been at $179, but now it's rocketing to as high as $360 to break from these fur-lined shackles. The new bundles of course don't skimp on the goodies, particularly with the 35Mbps up / 35Mbps down symmetrical service that should be a boon to HD video chats, big torrents and medium-sized torrents. For a limited time you can get into the "Prime" triple-play bundle (TV, internet, phone) for $90 a month, though that price will bump up to $110 a month after a year. Sweet enough to calm your fears about a $360 early cancellation penalty? Verizon sure seems to hope so -- no matter what sort of condescending looks the FCC shoots its way.

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