3M's MPro150 pico projector now shipping to highly-mobile presenters everywhere (update: not quite yet!)

We caught a quick glimpse of 3M's MPro150 at CES a few weeks back, and while the performance of this pico projector didn't exactly blow our minds, we were quite intrigued by its ability to give PowerPoint presentations without a laptop or, indeed, any wires at all -- assuming your speech will be through before the thing's 90 minute battery is. It has 1GB of internal memory, plenty for slideshows filled with the most tacky of sound effects, and 3M even includes a 2GB microSD card to boot. But, for the $395 asking price, we're thinking that was the least it could do.

Update: Seems someone jumped the gun a bit, and 3M has clarified that shipments have yet to begin. Should be soon, though.