HP shows off 'wall of touch' concept, touching optional

We're not quite sure why HP didn't bother setting one of these up at CES, but the company's so-called "wall of touch" is apparently already in use by a handful of companies in prototype form, and HP has now shown it off to The Wall Street Journal. Interestingly, while you're welcome to touch the wall all you want, you don't actually have to, as it makes use of a camera-based system and a magnetic strip to detect where you're pointing and when you near the wall. Of course, HP is mostly pitching this one towards companies intending to use these in public spaces (Continental Airlines has one of the first at the Houston Airport), but HP does say that if there's enough interest it will turn it into a "mainstream product" -- albeit a mainstream product that costs anywhere from "a couple thousand dollars" to $100,000 for something with more advanced features like HD video conferencing. Head on past the break for a quick video overview.