Psystar files one more appeal in court

They're like cockroaches! Psystar is back yet again, this time filing yet another appeal against yet another injunction by Apple telling them that they can no longer sell their unauthorized OS X PCs. As previously reported, they've been on Apple's bad legal side for a long time, and the last injunction had them down to selling t-shirts. Now, they've got only one copy left of their Rebel EFI product, and it's in the hands of the lawyers trying to keep the case open. Just as they promised, they're filing one more appeal against the far-reaching injunction to try and keep the case open...

I'm as big a fan of Psystar as the next guy, and despite their complete and total losses in court, I almost want to see them keep going in a car-crash sort of way. But at this point, it's pointless -- Apple has won in every conceivable way, and Psystar is just wasting their own money and the courts' time by carrying on. It's their right to do so, of course, but this likely means that the next judge to look at the case will just lay the smack down that much harder.

[via Macworld]