Versace working on a phone for some reason

Pull off another successful million-dollar pump and dump? Did Daddy's $60,000 monthly allowance check just clear? Vertu a little too bourgeois for you these days? If you answered "oui" to at least one of the above, Versace's upcoming bespoke handset might be just for you. Created in close partnership with matriarch Donatella Versace, it turns out that the company behind the project is the very same that brought both TAG Heuer's and Christian Dior's phones to market in the past -- France's ModeLabs -- but this new model is said to outstrip the Dior's sticker price of €3,500 (about $5,040) by some probably outrageous margin. The hot mess of rare earth metal, leather, and jewels is set for a private VIP preview in Paris next week (trust us, you're not invited, nor are we) followed by a May launch, so start pinching those pennies.