Boxee unleashing one-click Payment Platform this summer

Free (legal) TV, minimal advertising and a slick, usable interface... too good to be true? Yes, of course. Boxee's solving for the future with its newly announced Boxee Payment Platform, which will arrive this summer. Users will be able to buy shows, movies and channels with "one click on the remote," with content owners having control over package types (pay-per-view, subscription) and prices. Boxee will naturally be taking a cut, but says it's lower than the now de facto 30% cut of app stores. Boxee sees this co-existing with free, ad-supported content, authenticated stuff like TV Everywhere, and of course regular Cable, Satellite and IPTV providers. We suppose the real testament to Boxee's success in pulling this off will be the variety, quality and price of the content it obtains -- we can already get a smattering of shows and movies on iTunes, Zune and PSN, but if Boxee can get us more, make it easier, or charge us less, it's going to be hard to complain about that funky little Boxee Box taking up valuable shelf space in our living room.