Microsoft's Twitter chatter suggests Danger is up to something -- Pink drawing near?

The other day, we happened to catch a tag on a tweet reading "from Danger." No biggie, really -- Sidekicks have had Twitter integration for a while now. Here's the thing, though: tweeting from a Sidekick plugs a "from Sidekick" on the end, not Danger -- and what's more, the Danger text links to Microsoft's home page rather than Sidekick's. It's starting to get juicy, right? Anyhow, these "from Danger" tweets have really picked up across dozens of accounts since December or so, to the point where we've got a constant cacophony of 'em today -- possibly a sign that these guys have a product in the works that's nearing completion.

Danger... new product... Microsoft... ah, that's right, Pink! We haven't had any fresh intel on the alleged lovechild of Redmond's acquisition in some time -- it could be dead, for all we know -- but there's definitely something going on inside Microsoft's labs that involves Danger's legacy tech and headcount. Whatever it is, they've got a predisposition for the hashtag "#tmdp" (it used to be #tmd and changed at some point) -- we've no idea what it stands for, but we're curious to get your opinions. Anyhow, is this what we're going to see next month at MWC? Is WinMo 7 going to take a back seat yet again? Will it be a one-two punch where they reveal a whole slew of Danger and WinMo stuff at once? Heck, are they the same frigging product? Who knows, but hopefully we'll have it all sorted out within a few weeks' time.