Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection bringing official Genesis emulation to iPhone, pain to your wallet

After packaging and re-marketing to us our childhood over Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console and in a multitude of other forms, Sega is putting another platform to good use in its eternal quest to make us poor: the iPhone. Due for the App Store next month, the upcoming Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection will bring together some of Sega's existing, disparate releases for the iPhone under one roof and add a bunch more, allowing users to buy Sega Genesis games directly from the app. The first one's free, of course (Space Harrier II), but after that you'll be paying a decent amount for your emulation fix: Sonic is $6, Golden Axe is $5, and Ecco the Dolphin and Shining Force go for $3. The variety will undoubtedly grow over time, but we would hope that at some point Sega will offer some sort of discounted megabundle, since you can currently get 49 notable Sega titles for around $20 in the form of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Basically: we're not sure if this is all supposed to make us worse or better about jailbreaking.