Garmin-Asus taking wraps off first Android gear, M10 WinMo phone at MWC

It might be happening a little later than they'd originally hoped, but Garmin -- through its partnership in Garmin-Asus -- should finally be unveiling some Android-based phones pretty shortly in an effort to kickstart the firm's weak showing thus far in the dog-eat-dog handset world. The VP of the mobile device business over at ASUS is talking up the joint venture's 2010 plans this week, saying that it'll show its first Android product at MWC next month with the hope of striking a pretty even balance between Android and WinMo shipments in the long term (no mention of the G60's proprietary platform, interestingly). What's more, they want to push a solid million units this year, and they'll be looking to reach that goal by building somewhere between 4 and 5 models -- at least one of which is likely destined for T-Mobile USA, as far as we can tell. Android isn't the only thing on the docket for these guys at MWC, though: they'll also be showing the M10, allegedly running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 with a 3.5-inch resistive display and a 5 megapixel camera with a retail price a little over $400. Finally, there are plans in the works for a TD-SCDMA phone for China Mobile that'd be available toward the tail end of the year -- so all things considered, these guys might finally have a shot of making a dent in the market for once.