Motorola bringing SHOP4APPS app store 2CHINA, adding workaround for Google spat

RAZR. KRAVE. MOTOROI. SHOP4APPS? We think -- nay, we hope -- that we've at long last reached the nadir of Motorola's naming convention and are finally on our way up from the depths of marketing hell now that the company has announced its new Android app store for China. We're not totally clear on why these guys need this on top of the Android Market and China Mobile's own Open Mobile System initiative, but for what it's worth, Chinese buyers of the XT701, MT710, and XT800 will have yet another way to find, buy, and store purchases for their phones.

Perhaps the more interesting part of the announcement, though, is that Motorola is adding the capability to choose a non-default (read: non-Google) search provider on these phones. For all practical purposes, Baidu is China's Google, anyhow, with a commanding market lead -- so it probably makes a lot of sense for locals to be able to route searches through them, never mind the fact that it gives Moto an escape hatch for sidestepping the drama going on right now. An Android phone tightly integrated with Google search isn't so useful if Google leaves the country, right? Look for both of these services to be available via over-the-air updates in time for the Chinese New Year -- January 26.