NetTalk challenges MagicJack, gets slammed by MagicJack founder

Air enough annoying late-night commercials and you're bound to attract a few imitators, and it looks like MagicJack now has its first courtesy of upstart NetTalk. Same basic idea here: buy a VoIP box (for $100, in this case), plug in your phone, and make all the long distance calls you want. Of course, MagicJack's outspoken founder Dan Borislow wasn't about it slide by without notice, and he fully lit into the company in a recent interview with Laptop Magazine. Head on past the break to check out the choice quote for yourself -- but first, a word of warning, it's a bit salty.

It's a piece of shit. It has static. The call quality is pathetic. There's no phone numbers available, and it's run by a bunch of fly-by-nights with no assets. They'll be bankrupt soon. We're a real company with the best network and best software.

No response from NetTalk just yet, but we have a nagging feeling that this won't be the last we hear of this budding rivalry -- at least we hope it's not.