GDC attendees getting free Droid or Nexus One, perfect for Palm's training session

Unless you're press or a booth worker, major industry trade shows can be educational, enlightening, relaxing... dare we say even fun events that actually don't fill you with dread at their mere mention. Of course, the trade-off is that you (or your employer, if you're lucky) are then responsible for fronting the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars that organizations command for passes to those events. So what do you get in return apart from a few days of schmoozing with some of the most important people in your line of work and the opportunity to play with cool stuff and steal as many promotional pens and USB sticks as you possibly can? In the case of GDC this March, attendees who sign up for either the Mobile / Handheld Summit, the iPhone Summit, or the Independent Games Summit will be gifted with their choice of a Droid or Nexus One, representing the hottest, latest Android gear from Motorola and HTC, respectively -- potentially prime targets for the yet-to-be-tapped 3D gaming market on the platform. With Palm onsite, it should make for some interesting dynamics -- but then again, they're giving these things to people at an event called the "iPhone Summit," for crying out loud.