Frog Design outs the Apple tablet that could have been... in 1983

We don't know about you, but back in 1983 we were still playing in the mud with sticks and learning how to read. Frog Design, on the other hand, well, they were busy creating zany gadget prototypes. The company -- which helped create such august products as the Apple IIc (which was unleashed in 1984) -- also worked on a tablet pc for Apple around that same time, and its recently let slip some photos of what might have been. The tablet you see in the photos (there's another after the break) was called Bashful, and it's a pretty slim character considering its birth date, boasting a full physical keyboard and stylus to boot. Several prototypes of this little lover were made, including one with a disk drive and even one with a phone. So that means, by our count, Apple's been mulling this whole tablet deal for... twenty-six years. Hit the source link for even more photos.