Asimo learns to sing and dance, but has yet to learn how to love

From parade appearances to his most recent star turn at Sundance, it looks like Asimo's re-invention as a song-and-dance man continues unabated. Most recently, those crazy intellectual property lawyers-cum-bloggers at Stamoulis & Weinblatt, LLC have hepped us to a patent app in Honda's name that describes a robot that can not only pick up a beat and dance along, but recognize the tune and sing its lyrics as well. The latter is accomplished by a wide array of techno-stuff, including a "sound collecting unit," a "voice signal generating unit" capable of both scat singing and singing singing, a "self-vocalized voice regulating unit," and more. As far as the dancing goes, the application implies that it has something to do with a "beat interval estimating unit" and a "beat time reliability calculating unit," although we like to believe that the automaton learned to dance the way grandpa did -- from Arthur Murray on West 57th Street in Manhattan.