Bang & Olufsen introduces 46-inch BeoVision 10-46 LCD

A 46-inch LCD with some high-end, built-in speakers from Bang & Olufsen? Yeah, this one won't come cheap, but it will definitely make more of a statement in your living room than the average big-screen LCD. Of course, if this one does look a tad familiar, it's because this new BeoVisoin 10-46 is basically just a larger version of Bang & Olufsen's existing 40-inch BeoVision 10, which boasts the same brushed aluminum frame, 200Hz refresh rate, and LED backlight as it's new, larger counterpart. No official word on a price, but the 40-incher came in at just under $10,000, so you can draw your own conclusions. Look for this one to hit "selected markets" (in Europe, most likely) sometime in April -- and if it's still a bit too small for you, you can always consider B&O's 103-inch BeoVision 4.

[Thanks, John]