Hailrazer's Kamikaze 64 is the most polished portable N64 yet (video)

Money talks, and, in the world of custom hardware, occasionally yields some amazing results. Such is the case with Hailrazer's latest handheld console mod, the Kamikaze 64. It's a portable version of Nintendo's decidedly wired Nintendo 64 that someone commissioned him to build, probably after seeing his impressive NCube portable GameCube. This one is equally comprehensive, and while it doesn't compete against either of the supposed world's smallest portable N64s, it does offer the full suite of controls, plus input for a second controller, video output, and even includes the controller's I/O port on the back. (That means it's Controller Pak compatible, and its future owner can take his or her all-time greatest Mario Kart 64 ghost replays on the road.) No word on how much the mystery commissioner paid for this one, but we're thinking they got a good deal.

[Thanks, Jonathan]