HTC Supersonic for Sprint possibly spotted in the very, very ugly wild

We've seen our fair share of unattractive leak photos in our day -- Mr. Blurrycam is an extraordinarily busy, well-traveled individual, after all -- but this might very well take the cake. What we see here is allegedly the first live shot of HTC's killer Supersonic for Sprint, a phone that we've heard would feature HD2-like specs in an HD2-like shell: 4.3-inch display, fast processor, and an unbelievably thin body, to be specific. Where the Supersonic allegedly goes off the beaten path, though, is with the inclusion of Android 2.1 with Sense and WiMAX, perfect for Sprint's budding 4G network. The site that's leaked the photo also says we can expect an FM radio and a 1GHz clock on that Snapdragon plus a kickstand, something we'd heard before. It's still not much to go on, but the fact that we're this close to falling in love with a phone that we can barely make out through thick artifacting, censoring, and a dirty camera lens really says something, doesn't it? Stay tuned -- we're hopeful the leaks are going to start flowing fast and furious on this one.

[Thanks, Jackson R.]

Update: They've posted closeups of the original shot without the masking -- still not mega high-quality, but getting better. We're not convinced it's real, but we're certainly not convinced it's fake, either.

Update 2: Our trusted tipster (the one that tipped us off to the Supersonic's existence in the first place) tell us that this is, in fact, the real deal. We'll take two, please.

Update 3: And finally it appears in the clear -- image updated above.