Emotiv EPOC gets reviewed by Joystiq, proves once and for all that videogames turn your brain into mush

We don't want to ruin everything for you, but after some extensive testing by our friends over at Joystiq, it looks like the promising Emotiv EPOC needs a little more time in the thought sensing oven. In its review Joystiq points out the fragile, hard-to-handle nature of the $299 device, but more disappointingly found the thought-sensing functionality of the sensor-stuffed EPOC headgear to be a bit too random, haphazard and inaccurate to actually be enjoyable. Of course, you could blindly assume that 400 hours spent in WoW and a six digit gamerscore has somehow disqualified this Joystiqer's mind from those joys of telepathy, but before you plunk down your hard earned cash and shave off contact points all around your skull, we'd say the full review is at least worth a skim.