Nexus One Desktop Dock now available for $45

The rumored desktop dock for the Nexus One has been made official today -- conveniently (and accurately) bearing the official name of Nexus One Desktop Dock -- running $45 sold separately or bundled with your phone purchase. As expected, dropping the phone into the dock triggers the Clock application to fire up to give you access to alarms, music, and weather (not unlike the Droid), but the special sauce lies out back where you'll find a 3.5mm jack that connects to your stereo system using an included 3.5mm-to-RCA cable. A charger's included to keep the phone topped off while it's resting in the cradle, too, and considering the presence of Bluetooth here, we're guessing audio is ferried via A2DP rather than a hardwired connection. Technology! The dock's available right now for purchase directly from Google.