Samsung i8910 HD thumbs nose at Pre Plus, runs 50 processes of its own

PreCentral's 50-app demo on the Pre Plus was insanely (if not excessively) impressive, but is it the only phone out there with the kind of multitasking prowess that mere mortals could never possibly need? No, turns out. Adam Fullerton of iUnlock does a pretty wild demo on Symbian-Guru where he flashes his i8910 HD with a custom ROM that significantly lowers power-on consumption of the phone's 256MB of RAM, starts running apps, and makes it all the way to 50. Even better, they aren't all throwaway apps, either: he's got Gravity, Skyfire, Opera, Quickoffice, Adobe Reader, and S60's built-in music player and browser all running, among countless others, and it looks like he still comes out of it with a bit of headroom at the end. Is it practical? No -- nor could you likely do this with a stock i8910 ROM -- but it's comforting to know that the hardware's entirely capable of this kind of tomfoolery.