EVGA's W555 motherboard gets a once over, can hold seven GPUs

Think CrossFireX is nifty? We're betting you're a big fan of SLI, huh? For those who grew up bragging about their "dual Voodoo" setup, there's nothing in the world that can stop you from lusting over this bad boy. Quietly introduced at CES, the EVGA W555 is just now being shown to the world in proper (prototype) form, and aside from being crafted to hold two overclocked processors and a dozen DDR3 DIMM slots, there's also space for seven PCI expansion slots. In other words, you could theoretically run seven GPUs in this thing. Of course, you'd need some serious software hacking skills to drive all that horsepower into a single display, but we get the feeling you like challenges, anyway. Hit the source link for more of the madness, but don't expect any units to hit retail until later in the year.