HP's TouchSmart tm2 gets exhaustively unboxed on video

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.28.10

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HP's TouchSmart tm2 gets exhaustively unboxed on video
We heard that HP's recently unveiled TouchSmart tm2 tablet would begin shipping immediately, and given that said "unveiling" happened just last week, well... you know we couldn't lay off the first unboxing video that we've seen. One particular user decided to bless us (or harass us, depending on perspective) with five full minutes of YouTube footage dedicated to the device's unwrapping, which even includes a breathtaking view of the owners manual being glanced right over in favor of that whole "jumping right in" thing. Be sure to hit up the More Coverage link below if you're a to-be owner -- already lots of chatter going on from folks who just landed one of their own.

[Thanks, Mike and Andy]

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