Alienware now shipping 23-inch OptX AW2310 1080p 3D monitor

Just a hunch here, but we're guessing that Alienware's CES stash all hit the production line at right about the same time. During the past day, we've seen the company's M15x, M17x and OptX AW2310 hit the shipping stage, the latter of which is the firm's first-ever 3D monitor. Checking in at 23-inches and boasting a full 1080p panel, this one also packs a 3 millisecond response time, 120Hz refresh rate and stereoscopic support when NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision Kit is utilized. It's up for order right now at $469, but if you follow that Logicbuy link down there, you'll be able to snag it (for a limited time) for $449.10. Too bad that 3D kit will set you back another $200, but hey, no one said that witnessing the third dimension was cheap. Or remotely interesting. But mostly cheap.