Mitsubishi to introduce preposterously large 149-inch OLED TV at ISE 2010

Yeah, you can snag a TV larger than this, but good luck finding a 150-inch set with an OLED panel. In a presumed effort to quietly exert superiority over those "other guys," Mitsubishi is purportedly planning to unveil a 149-inch OLED TV at ISE 2010, which kicks off in earnest next week -- though, we have to say, we sure hope it's not one of those modular units that we saw at CEATEC. Unfortunately, the native resolution of just 1,088 x 640 is downright boring, but we're forcing ourselves to focus on the positives here. Essentially, something like this wouldn't have much use outside the world of digital signage, but man, talk about making an impact on to-be customers. So, Mitsu -- when's the 1080p 4K version coming out?

Update: Ugh -- looks as if this will be based around the modular technology we spotted at CEATEC. So much for our hopes and dreams.