T-Mobile myTouch Slide in the wild?

With the G1 on its last legs, the CLIQ stands as T-Mobile USA's only QWERTY Android set -- and for a carrier that seems as committed to Android as T-Mobile does, that doesn't seem right, now, does it? Indeed, that rumored myTouch Slide looks like it's going to get real here pretty shortly now that we're seeing shots of the thing in the wild, and... well, it looks nothing like the original myTouch 3G (and even less like the Fender edition). Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder -- and we'd want to wait until we see this in the flesh -- but the myTouch Slide appears to lack the old model's attractive contours, sticking with a spartan design strangely paired to a chrome-ringed earpiece. Besides the clear addition of an optical pad here (something we'd previously heard HTC would be pushing hard in 2010), it's apparently got an HVGA display, externally accessible microSD slot, camera with flash, and unfortunately, an old-school ARM11 processor. We're holding out hope that T-Mobile has plenty of higher-end gear waiting in the wings, but for now, this looks like the G1's true spiritual successor.