Alienware M11x 'netbook' gets detailed, headed to Japan this month

We got a chance to check out Alienware's ultraportable M11x laptop at CES last month, but the company unfortunately wasn't ready to reveal too many specs beyond the NVIDIA GT335M switchable graphics at the heart of the rig. A couple of newly leaked slides have now cleared up most of the remaining mystery, however, the biggest of which is that the system will apparently be available with either a Pentium SU4100 or Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor -- making the "netbook" term even more of a stretch than it was before. Curiously, the slides also show a target price of $899 (up from the $799 we heard at CES), and a ready-to-ship date of February 5th, which would seem to indicate that the "Spring" launch tossed around earlier may have been a bit cautious -- that latter detail is further backed up by a post on Dell Japan's website, which indicates that the laptop will be released in the country this month.

[Thanks, NitroFrost ]