Fusion Garage says Joojoo pre-orders went up after iPad announcement, new funding on the way

FusionGarage may have thrown a few PayPal rules to the wind with its early Joojoo pre-orders, but it looks like they may have paid off for the company (assuming they actually go through). In an interview with SGEntrepreneurs, Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan says that orders for the device actually went up following Apple's iPad announcement, although he unsurprisingly didn't reveal any actual numbers. Chandra did drop a few other interesting details, however, including word that the company with soon announce a partnership with a "major mobile phone player" that has a "significant" market share in Southeast Asia, and who will also supposedly take care of the manufacturing cost of the Joojoo. That's on top of an announcement of a new round of funding, which apparently totals somewhere south of $10 million. Still no word of a firm ship date for the device, of course, which still stands at the same 8-10 weeks that it did more than a month ago.

[Thanks, Daniel]