China Mobile's OPhone platform goes 2.0, supports WinMo API... wait, what?

Remember the OPhone platform, Open Mobile System? You know, China Mobile's supposedly beefed up Android? Things have become even more interesting as OMS jumps from 1.5 to 2.0 -- it now supports Scalable Vector Graphics UI elements and does voice recognition, but what really caught our attention was the vague mention of Windows Mobile API support. Now, our understanding is that it's been China Mobile's intention to make Symbian and WinMo apps run on OMS all along, but we don't know if this update means WinMo apps will run natively in OMS through some compatibility layer, if there'll be Symbian- and WinMo-based versions of OPhone, or that it'll just be easier for developers to port WinMo apps to OMS. No word on what phones will be getting 2.0 or when they'll be getting it, but considering Android's generally positive outlook on upgradeability, we're hoping the answers are 'all' and 'soon.'